Action Plans

“We’re at the

end of the road.”

→ Interventions
→ Crisis Management
→ complex issues
Clarity you need to move forwardAction Plans:We know what to do

Case Managment

“I need it to

work this time.”

→ Companion
→ Coach
→ Mentor
Real help for individuals and familiesCase Management: Make change stick.




“Clients need more

unique resources.”

→ Professionals
→ paraprofessionals
→ treatment Facilities
Let’s work togetherProfessionals: A rising tide lifts all boats.

Private Workshops

“Nothing has changed.

We’re stuck.”

→ Couples
→ Families
→ In home or off-site
Realistic skills for couples and familiesPrivate Workshops: Get to the heart of what matters.
Resolute Recovery is an addiction and recovery consulting service for individuals and families.
We bridge the gaps in addiction care and treatment for sustained recovery.
Resolute is high quality top rated team

Why We’re Different

We do more than any one provider alone can manage.  We craft customized recovery plans for people and families and connect the dots between care providers to bring sustained recovery to our clients.
I think I need help - how can I make it work? Addiction and recovery consultants

More than Addiction

Addiction is rarely about one thing. There’s usually something more fueling it – depression, anxiety, loneliness – making it uncontrollable. We know, we understand. And we know what to do.
Plans Subscriptions

What to Expect

Sometimes you just need a plan. We are there for you when things get complicated.  Through our process, we sort out the confusing maze of recommendations to find the next best steps for you, your recovery, and your family.
Our mission is to bring sustained recovery and balance to everyone impacted by addiction.
Start the Conversation
Find yourself in our work
We help our clients through short-term engagements and ongoing support including case management and private workshops.

What is an addiction?

Sometimes the simplest question can unlock a lot of insight. There are, in fact, many different types of addiction.

Defining the term boundaries

5 True Signs of Addiction

How do I know if I have a substance abuse problem? Or if someone I care about does? These are common questions. Here are five signs to consider.

All phases of complex treatment planning aftercare
How we help

Choice and control over decisions.

You need choices.  We help bring clarity to the decision making process and empower you to take control over chaos.

High-touch, personal service for you and your family.

We’re committed to quality.  You and your family are best served by your advocate getting to know you personally and being there for you when you need them.

Client Advocate

Your Client Advocate is your a single point of contact.  This person is personally matched based on their expertise with your problem.

Project Based and/or On-going Support

We’ll assess your individual needs and recommend a specific project and/or on-going support.

Customized to Your Individual Requirements

Your needs are unique and specific.  We gather information, do research, and create custom plans that work for you and your family.

Premium, Hand-Curated Network of Resources

Respect for our service depends on offering only the best resources to our clients.  We hand select and develop relationships with medical, psychological, education, and treatment providers.


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