Resolute for Me

I’m ready to turn a corner.

But I’m tired.  I know this is no way to live. I want to do something different but I’m scared to change.  I don’t want to face everything I know is waiting for me.  It’s easier to keep ignoring it; to bury my head in the sand.  


I’m stuck.

My usual routine isn’t working the same.  I can’t run from the consequences anymore; they’re starting to really pile up and it’s overwhelming.  I need help to get out from under this.  I want to do it right this time.


I’m afraid I’m going to mess it up.

That’s where we can help you.  We know using and recovery from the inside out.  We know all the pitfalls and what to look for to help you before you stumble.  Sometimes it takes many tries at this before you get it right.  We can help explain the process of recovery to your family, friends, and colleagues.  


We understand what’s happening.

In a time where everything is confusing and messy, we’ll help you chart the best course for you by empowering you to make the healthiest decisions for your best life.  And we’ll stick with you every step of the way – customizing a easy to follow plan that fits your life, helping you choose the highest quality providers, explaining complexities, advocating for your care with facilities, and bridging all the gaps to make your sustained recovery successful.

You only need a glimmer of hope right now.

Try not to think too big and get overwhelmed.  All you can do is take the first step and everything will start to fall into place from there.  Trust yourself.


Start the conversation.  Contact us today.

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