Resolute Plans and Subscriptions

Engaging with Resolute Recovery

We believe in the elements of choice and empowerment, and offer two different types of engagements: plans and subscriptions. Within each of these are differing levels of complexity, involvement, staffing, and contact.

We individually tailor our services to the needs of each family or person, and all of our engagements are guided by measurable outcomes. After an initial consultation, we propose a specific plan and/or subscription service, or offer you choices to weigh different options. We work with you to outline expectations and goals, and clarify distinct services.

Since we offer a high level of service, we work on a direct pay basis, meaning outside of health insurance companies. Each plan culminates in a summarized, polished report with invaluable, hand selected referrals and resources. You may elect to implement the plan on your own or choose an appropriate subscription level for further assistance. Value of services is important to us, and each subscription also includes regular activity reporting and updates according to your needs. All of our services, activities, and reporting are customizable to your requirements.

Types of Plans

Our plans tend to be short-term engagements, designed to help you identify the best path forward.

Elite Plans

For when you want “No stone left unturned.”  From agile mobilization to thorough family planning, we pay close attention to all of your family’s requirements while methodically constructing your best steps for addiction treatment and recovery.  Plans in this tier include all-inclusive, wrap around services such as insurance verification, transportation and warm accompaniment, and door to door care coordination with providers and facilities, as well as contingency planning.  Consultation may be available with our addiction and treatment advisor as well as other professionals to answer questions and ease concerns.  Your plan culminates in an easy to implement report with richly detailed resources as a stand-alone product.

Advantages: Maximum scope, depth, and personalization, as well as high-touch, maximum information and minimal anxiety service.

Classic, Robust Plans

For when you’re “Ready to roll.”  Whether you need assistance deciding next best steps in treatment, or your family needs a richly researched start to finish care plan, our expertise will help guide you to the next chapter in addiction recovery.  Utilizing our personally curated network of providers, facilities, and aftercare providers, we carefully consider your needs and summarize the best recommendations in an easy to understand report.

Advantages: Greater scope, depth, and personalization.

Introductory Plans

For when you want to be “In the know.”   To move forward, you or your family needs an answer, or quality research, from an expert.  We will help you clarify a specific question or narrow a topic to provide you with the qualified information needed to take that next step.

Advantages: A quick and effective way to get an expert opinion on a given situation. 


Sometimes ongoing support is needed to help enact a plan or to provide continuing help as we work together to achieve our goals. These subscription levels help ensure the continuity of care – for the plans or through general coordination help.

Concierge Level

Bridging all the gaps.  At the highest level of oversight and care, your expert advisor and advocate is personally attending to all aspects of care, according to the family’s desired level of involvement and need, through your family member’s course of treatment.  From visits to the facility and participation on the treatment team, to contingency planning and recommendations for course corrections, your team will manage the nuances of addiction treatment as your family walks the road to sustained recovery.  While you and your family has unprecedented access to this singular resource, your advisor is continually linked with a team of recovery and relapse prevention experts, as well as our wider curated network of professionals.  This high-touch service allows for confident decision making and plan modifications in the case of treatment dropout or relapse, unpredictable barriers, or increased conflict.

Coordination Level

Help when you need it most.  Personalized subscriptions, tailored to your plan’s complexity and desired level of involvement, provide peace of mind and support for your family through difficult times and transitions.  Assistance with key decisions, information gathering and research, recovery coaching, course corrections, and further contingency management can make the difference between treatment dropout and successful sustained recovery.

Support Level

Continuing the journey.  Individuals in recovery, and each of their family members, may need their own supportive advocates through the treatment and recovery process.  At this level, select members are designated a unique advisor, whose skills integrate experienced clinical psychotherapy skills, family systems work, relapse prevention and recovery coaching, and sponsorship guidance into an unparalleled resource.


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