An Adjunct Team for Professionals

We know there are many excellent licensed clinicians, paraprofessionals and treatment facilities doing the work to heal individuals and families on the long road of recovery.  You may be one of them.  We cultivate personal relationships with recovery professionals so that we can truly understand your philosophies on treatment, how you work, and what’s important to you and your business.  We’re interested in advancing the discussion on improving outcomes for treatment and refining what really works for people.

Our strategic partners share our same values of acting first in the best interests of our shared client, understanding the multiple perspectives within the family, upholding the highest standard of ethics for our respective professions, and thinking holistically and creatively to work with barriers and anticipate needs.

Resolute Care Providers

Resolute Recovery extends the team ensuring the maximum productivity and success.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

We’re all interested in sustained sobriety, recovery, and wellness for our clients and their families.  In our field, positive outcomes aren’t straightforward.  Managing addiction is similar to managing a chronic illness, and relapse, with all its wreckage, is an unfortunate symptom.  Recent research points to several key factors for effective treatment and relapse prevention and that’s where Resolute can help.

  • Getting to Treatment
  • Engaging in Treatment
  • Treatment Dropout
  • Making the Most of Long Term Treatment
  • Transitions to IOP and Going Home
  • Custom Continuing Care Planning

We’re Stronger Together

We understand your work from the inside out.  Resolute has a core network rooted in nearly two decades of addiction and recovery work, practical business acumen, and an integrity of practice that our affluent clients appreciate.  We know the struggles of our first-class treatment facilities and their dedicated staff who tirelessly work the extra hours to meet the needs of those in pain, the interventionists who strive to balance the worries of all who are affected by addiction, the psychologists and counselors who listen to the heartbreaking stories from addicts, alcoholics, and those who struggle alongside them, and the sober living and medical detox staff, as well as the family’s home managers, caregivers, staff, personal assistants, and executive and collaborative colleagues.

We also understand the need for privacy, accommodations, customized treatment, and executive services.  Life doesn’t stop for treatment and you can’t do everything.  We will support you and your team by filling in the gaps to ensure the best treatment and recovery experience possible.

Benefits to Working with Resolute

  • Competitive Advantage
  • Access to Resources
  • Flow of Information
  • Rich Consultation Opportunities
  • Supported Clients
  • Tangibles and Intangibles
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