Private Workshops

Get to the heart of what matters. 

Private Couples and Family Workshops

At Resolute Recovery, our individuals, couples and families needed to find more traction in their relationships.  Real change calls for focused work and the result is private intensive workshops for couples and families.

Tailored with evidence-based modules to your relationship needs, these workshops specifically target the areas where you’re feeling stuck to bring you and your loved ones more relief, a different dynamic, hope, and a better way of life.

Schedule full or multi-day intensive workshops or 3-6 hour workshops over several weeks to months.  Convenient scheduling off-site or in your home.  Custom workbook and summary report to capture the insights from the experience and further the work.

marriage workshop

Download the Resolute Recovery Couples Workshop Brochure

family workshop

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Our research-backed workshops are the real change you need to get unstuck.

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