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You no longer have to feel out of control.

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Whether it’s something you personally struggle with, or it is affecting someone in your family or circle of friends, addiction and alcoholism can make you feel out of control. Addiction is isolating; as time goes on, it drives a hard wedge between people and their friends, family, and community.

At Resolute Recovery, we bridge the gaps in care for individuals and families struggling with alcoholism and addiction, giving you the best shot at sustained recovery.  As an addiction treatment and recovery consultation service, we integrate our nearly two decades of expertise and experience in the addictions field with cutting edge strategies, a personally curated referral network, and our own robust research architecture. Our team of experts think outside the box – for you.


We remove barriers to the best practices in recovery to make it meaningful, accessible, and practical.  Check out our client services to see if it is right for you and your family.

Resolute Recovery’s mission is to bring sustained recovery and balance to everyone impacted by addiction.

We do things differently. We use our experience in psychology and addiction, and our network of the very best treatment and recovery resources, to craft customized Action Plans for people facing substance abuse and addiction. These plans shape the path for recovery and give individuals and families hope for a fresh start. See more about our individual and family case management services and check out our intensive workshops to see real change in your relationships and family.


Client Services

We understand the long and often winding road of addiction treatment and recovery.  There are many excellent providers, treatment facilities, and unique services available.  Many people and their friends, family, colleagues, and care providers turn to the internet to find help – only to be overwhelmed.  The stress, pressure of relapse, and overwhelming crises hinder your ability to prepare and make smart decisions.  This leads to excess costs, spinning wheels, and heartache.

This is particularly true in cases where there’s something else going on as well – something more than just addiction. Often, addiction is fueled by other issues, whether it’s loneliness, depression, trauma, or anxiety. Often times addiction itself is treated in isolation, without looking at everything going on. This ineffective, narrow view can lead people to  feel stuck or hesitant about seeking treatment. We understand, and we know what to do.

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