Treatment Centers in the United States

There are many treatment facilities available all over the country of varying quality and efficacy.  According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, depending on the license and level of experience, there are currently upwards of half a million different individual providers offering substance abuse outpatient treatment.  It’s overwhelming.  How do you make the right investment without wasting time, money, and heartache?

The treatment industry has been under fire recently for funneling vulnerable families to expensive treatment that may or may not be the right fit.  The competition for treatment dollars has resulted in massive advertising campaigns with promises of false hope.  Families in crisis, who only want to help their loved one, are willing to try anything – especially if it seems different.  However, treatment interventions that aren’t backed by research or outcomes only lead to more treatment.  It’s the classic carrot on the stick.

Important Considerations in Choosing a Treatment Center

Choosing the right care for you and your family is daunting but we can help.  Maintaining active addiction is expensive.  The right investment in care converts wasteful spending into a long term healthy investment that pays dividends for life.  Yes, there is an initial, short-term cost to treatment and recovery but there is also a real financial savings long-term that can be diverted into more meaningful pursuits.  Consider the money that is thrown away maintaining the addictive lifestyle in a year.  Channel those funds into the right treatment efforts for three months.  The bleed stops here.  These are conservative estimates as people are often in addictive lifestyles for years.  This lends credence to the philosophy that your treatment should have the greatest impact for your efforts.

At Resolute Recovery, we believe in in the empowerment of informed choice to make effective decisions. We operate on a model that fosters transparency and strict ethics. Our highest priority is the service and advocacy of our clients.  Our job is to filter through the numerous choices in providers, facilities, and niches services, to select and present only the best options for you and your family.  We personally vet each and every referral in our roster.  Treatment facility quality varies over time with the policies, leadership and staff they employ.  We stay connected with each of them to stay on top of those that are providing the cutting edge, premium services that actually help individuals and families get better on the road to sustained recovery.

We’re on your side.  We’ll help you start a new chapter in your life.  Contact us today to start the process.  After an initial consultation, we’ll suggest a richly resourced plan or support subscription that will smooth the way to your best life.

Ready to start the conversation?  Contact us today.

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