Why We’re Different


Addiction treatment, changed.

Resolute is an innovative addiction treatment and recovery consulting company. To be innovative, you need to do things differently.

To help our clients in a different way, we use our training and knowledge in addiction, psychology, business, project management, and systems-thinking. We then match that experience with a personalized, hands-on approach, to be with you every step of the way.

Recovery requires understanding the full context.

Since addiction is rarely just about one thing, it’s important to treat the entire situation and the whole person. Unfortunately, oftentimes healthcare providers can only assist with one perspective or with one aspect of a person’s situation. We want to change that.

We break out of the traditional “therapist’s couch” role. The first step in doing so is to conduct a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s situation. We get to know you and the family, often times by meeting with you in your own home (or at our office, if more appropriate). We gather all the information into one place and connect the different providers (doctors, therapists, specialists) to help form a complete picture – your complete picture.  This allows us to do a full situational analysis that informs the development of a plan to meet you and your family’s goals.

Recovery is more than “a moment in time.”

Seeking treatment is an important step in achieving recovery. But recovery is about more than a single therapy session or a time spent in a treatment center.  Recovery is a constant process where individuals face recurring and varied challenges.

We help individuals and families before, during, and after treatment.  Before treatment, we help our clients assess the entire situation they face. This can include supporting our clients to achieve clarity in medical/psychological diagnosis, create treatment and recovery goals, and develop an overall comprehensive plan

Bridging the gaps means connecting the dots

Our goal is to help our clients find healthcare providers that can best address their needs as they work to achieve their recovery goals. We work with our clients’ existing care providers – such as psychologists, psychiatrists, primary care physicians, specialists – or help our clients find new providers.

We often hear from our clients “I wish my doctor/therapist/psychiatrist would just ask me about _______ and talk to one another.” We know; that’s what we’re here for. Often times these providers don’t know they should or could talk to each other. We break down those walls and connect those dots. Ultimately, this fuller picture and open lines of communication create an entire network – an entire team, really – working to help you achieve your recovery goals.

Choice and control over decisions.

You need choices.  We help bring clarity to the decision making process and empower you to take control over chaos.

High-touch, personal service for you and your family.

We’re committed to quality.  You and your family are best served by your advocate getting to know you personally and being there for you when you need them.

Client Advocate

Your Client Advocate is your a single point of contact.  This person is personally matched based on their expertise with your problem.

Project Based and/or On-going Support

We’ll assess your individual needs and recommend a specific project and/or on-going support.

Customized to Your Individual Requirements

Your needs are unique and specific.  We gather information, do research, and create custom plans that work for you and your family.

Premium, Hand-Curated Network of Resources

Respect for our service depends on offering only the best resources to our clients.  We hand select and develop relationships with medical, psychological, education, and treatment providers.

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