Your Resolute Team

A Bespoke Recovery Team for Your Specific Needs

Your recovery requirements are unique to you. As a Resolute client, your team will be, too. We craft a client recovery team specific to your needs, based upon our shared assessment of your situation and your goals. Your Resolute team may consist of some of our core team members, as well as professional experts from our carefully crafted network.

Access to Our Network

To bridge the gaps in addiction and recovery care, you need more than one person. When you go with Resolute, you don’t just get one expert, you get an entire team developed to help you accomplish your goals. That’s one of the things that makes us different. We tap into our network of specialists and bring them in to help you in your particular situation – whether this is briefly as expert consultations or on an ongoing basis. We often feature some members of our extended network on our blog.

We want to hear from innovative care partners as well. Addiction treatment and recovery care providers can contact us to let us know how we can work together to bring innovative and effective care to our clients.

The core, founding Resolute team includes:


Laura Walsh, PsyD

Laura L. Walsh, Psy.D.

Dr. Laura Linebarger Walsh is a clinical psychologist, addictions expert, author and speaker.

Co-Founder, Addiction Psychologist
Dr. Laura L. Walsh is a clinical psychologist, addictions expert, author and speaker.  An award winning researcher, her current interest is the intersection of substance abuse within ADHD population.

James business

James Reeves

Co-Founder, Business
James is an expert in corporate social responsibility strategy development, cause-marketing, nonprofit marketing and philanthropy.

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