The Resolute Process

For every well-made plan, there’s a process. The same applies to a recovery plan.

We customize each recovery plan for our clients. Each situation is different, each of our clients’ needs are different. Sometimes we work with an individual interested in their own recovery and sometimes we work with a family who wants to help but doesn’t know how to do so. Other times we’re an adjunct service to recovery care providers to help them best help their clients.

Regardless of the situation, there’s a general process we follow. Surely, we adapt as necessary, but when we show our clients that there is a process to follow to develop a recovery plan, it’s the first step to begin to restore optimism.

The Resolute Recovery Plan Process.

How do we work with our clients? It all begins with an initial assessment, where we identify your needs and goals. We then create a proposal based upon our understanding of your current situation and stated aspirations, and provide you with options to consider. Knowing generally what to expect before, during and after treatment is half the puzzle. If you plan properly, you stand a stronger chance of being able to achieve health and balance in recovery.

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