Addiction is a lonely experience.

Addiction isolates a person from their family, from their friends, and from their own potential. This is even worse when there are additional issues at play – such as anxiety, depression, trauma, or some other type of mental illness.

It’s also expensive.

Addiction is not only expensive in terms of the cost of buying the drugs or alcohol – but also in terms of the toll it takes on relationships, on the body, and on one’s sense of hope.

“I feel lost, I just wish there was a plan.”

We often hear from our clients that they want to create change and that they want to do the work to achieve it – but they’ve tried everything. They feel lost.

The first step in helping a person or family find the path to recovery is to create a plan. That’s where we come in. That’s how we help. We leverage decades of experience and education in addiction, recovery, psychology, and project management to develop the Resolute Process. While we always remain agile, this process is the framework we use that is the first step to restore hope.

Our Story

Founded by experienced professionals who were tired of seeing families and individuals impacted by addiction fall through the cracks, Resolute Recovery is dedicated to paving the way to lasting change. We understand that when previous providers fell short, or seemed unable to truly grasp the whole picture, it resulted in continued pain for you and your loved ones. We know that you are faced with a complex, nuanced task. We believe that recovery is possible with the right team behind you.

We bridge the gaps in addiction and recovery care.

Resolute believes that addiction is never just about the addiction, and until that something else is properly addressed, there will not be lasting recovery.

We bring over 20 years of collective experience and a fresh set of eyes to the table to help craft a clear plan. This can include recommendations for top providers and treatment facilities that really get it and really get you. We help you implement and stick to the plan and keep your eye on the ultimate goal until it is achieved.

We won’t let things fall through the cracks. We won’t let you wander off course. We won’t stop until it’s done right. Find out how we approach our work.

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